360InvestorsEye Framework

Our proprietary 360InvestorsEye Framework was initially developed in 2007 for evaluating private equity investments. It has been further refined over the years to be a multi-functional tool.

The framework covers 30 key categories, 120 sub-categories, and 1,000+ potential key analysis points (KAPs), which are paramount to the longevity and success of any company. Each selected KAP is evaluated and scored based on objective criteria.

The 360InvestorsEye Framework provides an efficient and effective way to:

  • Evaluate the current positioning of a company from the perspective and lens of a prospective investor, partner, client or strategic individual in a comprehensive, integrated and objective way.
  • Highlight strengths and identify deficiencies and areas not addressed by management.
  • Identify key points required for repositioning.
  • Solidify final positioning for company presentations.
  • Plan and make decisions.

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