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Strategy, performance, and positioning impact valuation.

360accel can make a difference.

Substantiate & Step-Up Valuation

Being able to clearly articulate your strategy, performance metrics, and market positioning can impact valuation. Investors and buyers continue to raise the bar through comprehensive due diligence processes.  Supporting the strength of your business foundation and growth potential can make the difference in getting a deal done at a favorable valuation.

How 360accel can help…

We provide our investment banking clients with a unique way to expedite enhanced preparation required for transactions and exits. Clients benefit from the resources of our affiliate, 360accel, which is a unique strategic growth advisory platform. From insights to implementation, 360accel provides the added leverage – frameworks, processes, and resources – to help expedite improvements to key aspects of your business. Implementing changes and improvements to your business prior to facing investors or buyers can make a significant difference.

  • Increase revenues, margins and profitability.
  • Make data-driven decisions.
  • Reduce operating expenses and cost of sales.
  • Improve operational efficiencies, organizational performance, and client satisfaction.
  • Nail your strategic plan.
  • Explore combinations of viable opportunities across the growth opportunity spectrum.
  • Recalibrate vision, strategy, capabilities, and positioning required to accelerate growth.
  • Enhance positioning and substantiate an increased valuation for your organization.
  • Organize and update due diligence material.
  • Prepare compelling deal marketing material to face investors and buyers with confidence.

Please take a look www.360accel.com.